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Shae Rooke is a photographer, video and installation artist based in Melbournes West. Her current artworks play off mis/communication and offer multiple interpretations of the world around us. Shae creates intricate installations and illusiory video’s and photographs from ordinary objects which merge natural and constructed landscapes, mess with scale and twist your perception. Shae is inspired by $2 shops, pop culture and long walks with her camera. Her favourite words are creepy and cute. 

12923219_974596475967829_7858340160738967947_nShae has exhibited throughout Australia, Europe and China on public art, video projections, sculptural commissions and cultural exchange projects. An avid collaborator, Shae has worked closely with artists, arts organisations, collectives, sound designers, and a balloon artist to develop innovative creative projects. Contact Shae to purchase artwork that you see on this website or to commission or collaborate on something new. 

For a list of Shae’s professional creative achievements see her art CV.
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Limited edition fine art photographs. Contact Shae for pricing and inquiries.

The Sundial, 2015

Looking at the ground to look at the sky, 2014

Untitled, 2014

Floating, 2015

Airless # 1, 2015

Airless #2, 2015

Airless #3, 2015

3D Flowers, 2014

Borrowed Backdrop, 2014

Untitled, 2014

Sky Sign, 2014

Dirt Mountain #1, 2012

Dirt Mountain #2, 2012

Landscape Performance #1, 2012

Landscape Performance #2, 2012

Disembodied, 2012

Navigating (Mirror), 2011

Navigating (Light square), 2011

Peers, 2012

One Two, 2012

Specimens, 2012

Not at see anymore, 2011

Splat, 2011

Nuked, 2011

Test Tile (Cracked), 2011

Test Tile (Fingerprints), 2011

Unequals, 2011

Topography, 2012

Camouflage (Pale Yellow), 2014

Camouflage (Golden Yellow), 2014

Camouflage (Orange), 2014


Featured videos. For more examples of Shae’s video art visit her on Vimeo.

Spectacle. A 3D holographic picture of a tree spins slowly through a garden in this multi-layered landscape.

MicroCosmic.  An eerie sparkling night sky created entirely from puddles in a carpark and traffic noises.

Tiles. Tiny clay public artworks disappearing before your very eyes.

Peers. An unusual encounter between a 2.8m Diamond Python and a tiny toy snake.


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  • Yonder Art Space. 2/290 Whitehall Street Yarraville, Victoria, Australia 3013. By appointment.
  • +61 426 277 606

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