CURRENT EXHIBITIONS: Almost There, nightly video projection, Grill Projects, 167 Errol Street, Nth Melbourne. GOOdbye GOOday, The Food Court, 427 Docklands Drive, Docklands. 


Shae Rooke is a photographer, video and installation artist based in Melbournes West. She makes her art from the little things, finding the unexpected in the everyday world. Her camera can trick you into seeing a sparkling cosmos when you’re looking at a dirty puddle on the ground, hologram pictures become like portals into fantasy landscapes and deflated balloon figures resemble zombies twitching to life. Her diverse portfolio of artworks share an interest in merging natural and constructed landscapes, messing with scale and using tricks of the camera to twist perception. Her favourite words are creepy and cute.

Shae-Rooke-Profile-Pic-Circle_7910An award winning emerging contemporary artist, Shae has exhibited and held creative projects throughout Australia, Europe and China. An avid collaborator, Shae has worked closely with a number of arts groups, artists, art spaces, sound designers and even a balloon artist. Get in touch to discuss developing projects or exhibitions.

Keep an eye on Shae’s Tumblr for updates and studio sneak peaks. Have a browse through this website and drop her a line if your interested in purchasing any artwork. 

For a list of Shae’s creative achievements see her art CV. 


Limited edition fine art photographs. Contact Shae for pricing and inquiries.

Airless # 1, 2015

Airless #2, 2015

Airless #3, 2015

Untitled, 2014

Stay Gold, 2015

3D Flowers, 2014

Borrowed Backdrop, 2014

Floating, 2015

Looking at the ground to look at the sky, 2014

Sky plus Sky, 2014

Sky Sign, 2014

Beanstalk, 2013

Landscape Performance #1, 2012

Landscape Performance #2, 2012

Disembodied, 2012

Navigating with Mirror, 2011

Navigating with light square, 2011

Dirt Mountain #2, 2012

Dirt Mountain #1, 2012

Peers, 2012

One Two, 2012

Specimens, 2012

Not at see anymore, 2011

Murdered Slinky, 2011

Nuked, 2011

Test Tile (Cracked), 2011

Test Tile (Fingerprints), 2011

Unequals, 2011

Topography, 2012

Camouflage (Pale Yellow), 2014

Camouflage (Golden Yellow), 2014

Camouflage (Orange), 2014

Green Shapes, 2014


Recent projects & exhibitions including collaborations, public art and artist residencies. Click on images to view projects.


Featured videos. For more examples of Shae’s video art visit and follow her on Vimeo.

Spectacle. A 3D holographic picture of a tree spins slowly through a garden in this multi-layered landscape.

MicroCosmic.  An eerie sparkling night sky created entirely from puddles in a carpark and traffic noises.

Tiles. Tiny clay public artworks disappearing before your very eyes.

Peers. An unusual encounter between a 2.8m Diamond Python and a tiny toy snake.


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  • Yonder Art Space. 2/290 Whitehall Street Yarraville, Victoria, Australia 3013. By appointment.
  • +61 426 277 606

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